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Homework Help, Tutoring Services, and more!

Need homework help or academic tutoring services?  We’ve been providing enrichment, study skills, and test preparation (high school entrance, CAHSEE, SAT/ACT, GED, EPT/ELM, TOEFL, ASVAB) for thousands of students since 1986.  With our exceptional staff, we are able to work with students of all ages in the core academic subjects – reading, writing, math, and science. Read more about homework help or tutoring services .



1-on-1 support from experienced tutors.

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Why Choose Us?

Having worked with the staff of the American Center for Learning over the past two years, I have found them to be very knowledgeable in teaching students with learning disabilities.  Caring, ethical, and reliable service are clear strengths of the center.

                                                                     Charles H., PhD
                                     Clinical and Educational Psychologist

The excellent staff worked with Amanda until she was able to clearly understand the various math concepts she was learning in school.  This gave her the confidence that became evident in the increase in her test scores and report card grades.  Her report card was straight A's.

                                                  Thomas and Patricial L., Parents
                                                               St Rose of Lima School

I wanted to say, "THANK YOU" for all the support and reassurance you provided me in preparing for the SAT at a time when I really needed to hear, "You can do it!"  Prior to coming to the center, I had taken the test twice with no luck - scores of 660 and 690.  Being a college-bound student athlete, the pressure was on, but you guys were up to the challenge.  My last test score was 1010!  I appreciate all of your involvement in making my dream a reality.

                                                                  Gary F., Student
                                                                 Monte Vista H. S.

We Offer a Unique Experience

  • One on one student to teacher ratio.
  • Recognition of different learning styles.
  • Positive, esteem-building environment.
  • Caring, dedicated, and experienced teachers.
  • Recognition of each students' learning potential.
  • Standards-based curriculum.
  • Access to educational therapists and psychologists.
  • No registration fees or contracts.

My daughter's reading and writing improved tremendously in the time she was a student at the center.  She is now performing on grade level.  We owe much of her success and growth to you and your dedicated staff.  Your devotion and commitment are truly assets to the community.

                                 Tammy A., Parent and Resource Specialist
                                         Clinical and Educational Psychologist

Individualized Education Programs

We specialize in individualized education programs for children, teens, and adults requiring assistance in skill development, enrichment, study and organizational skills, and test preparation.  We help students learn how to build on their strengths and achieve their educational and personal goals.


The American Center for Learning provides a complete diagnostic and prescriptive program that ensures success for their students.  The staff builds a supportive network with school, community, and family; resulting in an integrated, wholistic approach to learning.

                                            Trudy C., Resource Specialist
                             Chula Vista Elementary School District